Port of JonesForth to Macintosh (Intel 32-bit)

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JonesForth MacIntel

JonesForth is a Public Domain implementation of FORTH language/environment/machine. JonesForth MacIntel is the port of JonesForth to Macintosh Intel (32-bit).

How to build

Use GCC in 32-bit model:

$ gcc -m32 -nostdlib -static jonesforth-macintel.s -o jonesforth

But if you want to compile the interpreter with debug information:

$ make jonesforth

This software is know to work on Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion.

Running FORTH

JonesForth requires extra FORTH definitions stored in jonesforth.f, so pass jonesforth.f and the standard input (STDIN) to the interpreter. Note: the interpreter don't accept parameters.

$ cat jonesforth.f - | ./jonesforth 

To exit from FORTH, type BYE command.